My Tech-fairy

I have my own everything-blog-and-Photoshop related fairy, named Sylvia. But to start things from the beginning I have to say that she’s much more than that!

I first “heard” of her while reading one of her fanfiction story. In no time at all she climbed on my fave author list, than became a dear friend and now she makes her own magic with this blog’s graphic  (changing little details again and again just because I asked her) and more!

I’m not above begging, even bribing someone with hand-made goodies but she volunteered so there was no need for me to flop on my knees.  Of course I couldn’t just let her “get away” without me insisting on making her something (poor girl!) so she thought a pen-holder was something that she could use and also decorate her desk. She’s more of a minimalist so I opted to avoid butterflies and flowers and such. I just let the Rayher paper “speak” its simplicity through the  SVGCuts cutting files. Could I leave it at just one? No! Of course not, I had to double it! And that still wasn’t good enough! So I’ve re-sized the file and made a half-size too! 😉


Black and white with (not fifty) shades of grey as accent color. It just doesn’t get any simpler than that! The only decorative element is the dry-embossed accent-paper behind the letters. No sparkle, no inking, just the paper and the raised letters for dimension and some doodling with white gel-pen.


On the other hand Sylvia has two adorable little girls so they had to have something girly-girly!

20130607_214622 20130607_214558

 I made them door-hangers and sneaked in two butterflies too!  I hid a little something in the attached box too; there’s no such thing as “too many surprises”!

I hope the package will have a safe journey to Australia! Hope it doesn’t disappoint you; enjoy, my Friend!

Thank You for Your company! Hope to see You soon!



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