A Grandfather Clock for a grandfather

I am super excited to bring you this creation because I think from all my creations I’m the most proud of this one! Tho I always say this for the craft I’m currently doing!  😉  But I’m most proud of this one cos it’s the first I posted on SVGCut’s fb page and there were likes and comments!!!  I mean I was just hoping that the creator of the clock, Thienly Nazim wouldn’t hate it but even Leo (or Mary) responded!

Mary and Leo are the minds and hands behind those brilliant cutting files that we can work with and amaze our friends (and sometimes ourselves too)! Then inspiration strikes and the DT members come up with combinations of files and the result is …beyond words.

This was the case with the Grandfather Clock too (as was with  Ali in Wonderland  teacup-tower).


I didn’t have all the SVGCuts kits that Thienly used so I had to improvise, that is design or redesign other files. Long story in just a few words: it took me a whole day on the Silhouette Studio Designer Edition software program to cook up what was missing in cutting files and another day of actually cutting, glueing, wiring, inking etc to complete the project. But in the end I’m really proud of this one!

20130630_231512  I used 5-6 patterned papers (Rayher) to cut all the panels, 3-4 solid color  (cream/tan)  papers for the accent  borders, the clock front and the weights, a  tan colored solid for behind the clock  front and  the pendulum, clear acetate  sheets for the windows, also Rayher clockwork (that   finally doesn’t make people go mad by it’s tik-tok-ing!).



20130630_232920  There are not many embellishments, spraying or even colors. I kept to brown and   cream with just a hint of gold on the front “ironwork”, corners and pendulum. I   inked with Walnut Distress Ink  the edges and that was it.






The upper portion of the clock is cleverly designed with a hidden door for easy     access to the inside in case a battery change is necessary or just the clock needs re-adjustment. 





I thank everyone who encouraged me with so generously given nice words on fb, twitter and here, means the world to me!  This is meant to be a name day present for my father so let’s hope he’ll be as enthusiastic as You were!

Thank you!



2 thoughts on “A Grandfather Clock for a grandfather

  1. I don’t know if I commented on the SVG Cuts FB page, but I absolutely LOVE this! The papers that you used were PERFECT!!! Wow – two blog posts inspired by my project!!! I’m so happy 🙂 Thanks for posting!

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