Thank You For The Music

In my family music always played an important role. I went to a music-oriented school from the very beggining till graduation; played the piano and was singing in the school’s choir. I got to see half of Europe with that choir and loved every second of singing with others together whether it was in a church, by a camp-fire or a concert-hall!

My older daughter falling in my footsteps also plays the piano and is singing in the Children’s Choir of Kodaly Conservatory in Athens, Greece …and she turns 13 in August. And that is important because…

When SVGCuts came out with the Thank You For The Music kit I died and went to Heaven…the crafty Heaven that is! I had cut and assembled the grand-piano as part of my girl’s birthday present (larger by approx. 25% than the original, cos I just can’t leave the files alone lol) in an hour and was itching to post it immediately but I didn’t want my daughter to see it before it was her bday. So I had to wait until now. 

I went with white, red, gold and vellum and of course the obligatory black.



             I stamped the music sheet with Archival black ink and the trim around the piano with red ink. I brushed every edge with a gold marker, even the half-pearls that I glued onto the legs, just like little wheels on real grand pianos. The small embellishment consists of a ribbon with a punched sun shape, half pearl and the “note” written with white gel-pen on red cardstack. 



20130704_032108         Of course Mary and Leo have thought of everything and the grand piano opens for our viewing pleasure and gift-giving purposes also! It is a box which you can fill with all kinds of goodies!

          If you watch Mary’s assembly tutorial it’s easy to find which part goes where, I admit I was a bit confused at first on my own, but I have a couple of grand pianos already lined up for “production” in decreasing sizes.

    The director of the Conservatory (who is her Godfather also) and the piano teacher will get one and my daughter will help in the assembly process so it’ll be her present to them.

It always brings a smile to my face when she sits there playing, one with the music. I know how that feels. 🙂

Thanks for coming by, see You on the next project!



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