Being back feels great!

Hm… Long time no post.

I never really stopped crafting but …*insert a million excuses*…  Let’s not go there. I thought the Holiday season approaching is the best “excuse” to pick up where I left things more than a year ago.

Many projects in the making for Christmas, as in all kinds of treat-boxes, hanging and free-standing ornaments, centerpieces and home-decor to brighten up the gloomy days. Also all through Spring/Summer/Fall I was making gifts for birthdays and other occasions, like the graduation cap box I made for my darling “Little Sister’s” graduation from the University


or the Easter candles for our Godchildren



or a couple of summer-birthday gifts

for a music-lover, 


a s’mores lover,


a make-up enthusiast


even some cute little treat boxes for a wedding

20140801165452198_wmand many more!

Here is just a little sneak peak of what’s coming:


Thank You for coming back and supporting me (with ❤ and shares) even if I was MIA for a while.

Good to be back. Hope to see You soon!



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