Lampada – Easter candle

Being a Godmother is “all” about spoiling rotten the Godchildren – or at least it is for me as I am so very far from them. With my hubby, we’re lucky enough to have three Godchildren, two girls and a boy, siblings.

At Easter time – which in Greece is the most celebrated holiday and this year it’s on the 12th of April – tradition wants Godparents buying special, decorated candles for the children to take to midnight mass on Saturday so they can lit it with the New Light. The church’s courtyard fills up with people holding tall candles in hand and painted red eggs to “toast” when the celebratory “He’s Risen” sounds.

I’m making these candles each year from paper mostly and each year I strive to make something different, unique. Last year it was carrots and poppies,











before that it was tulips, trucks, eggs, dinosaurs etc and when the kids were really little I always incorporated their favorite games and/or cartoon characters.












This year, I went with ribbons instead of paper and the design was “pinspired” aka inspired from Pinterest.

I kept it simple with a patterned, wired ribbon and a coordinating/complimenting ribbon to form the cross and only a button or a crystal/organza flower for embellishment. I tied everything with baker’s twine onto the candle which were plain white, but I “glazed” them with PicTixx KerzenPen from HobbyLine in pink, lilac and baby blue.20150328143025705_wm




Unfortunately, we won’t be together this Easter but I hope our Godchildren know how much we love and care for them. I don’t know a better way to express that than handcrafting their unique Easter candles…and showering them with loving words, positive thoughts, cyber hugs and even some gifts.

Thank you for stopping by and hope you have a lovely Easter with good weather and great people!



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