Summer projects

Remember in the beginning of this year I mentioned that I needed to work on my time-management in this post ? Yeah…unfortunately not much has changed; I still need to get myself organized better cos although I was creating, many of my projects/gifts weren’t even photographed, not to mention blogged. 😦

So, the summer passed with a darling friend/neighbor giving birth to a little cutie pie and so I’ve made her a pink baby bottle filled with goodies (sorry, no pics of the gift, just my cutie pie holding the newborn cutie pie!)


and then I got to reunite with a dear friend from Sweden so I made her a puzzle out of one of my fave pics where we were out the last time having a ball!


20150709_131401We also remodeled a bit our living room (got rid of the dysfunctional fireplace), so the place opened up and there was actual wall space to decorate; and because I fell in love with creating layouts and canvases I designed a cluster of them to decorate the wall above the sofa. Of course, I’m not ready but the background is done and awaits further embellishing. 



I hang the canvases cos I loooved the colors and that wall was really blank without anything on it. This way I have time to decorate each and every canvas on its own and don’t have to wait until all of them are ready to hang up.

My father celebrated his 65th birthday this year. To commemorate this, I made a letter-photo-album. The concept behind this kind of album is that you use the letters of the name or place or occasion for who/what you’re making the album for as the page shape.

In our family, it’s always my dad who is behind the camera and pictures of him are rare but I managed to find quite a few with his granddaughters dancing, making music, even cooking together! The making of this album and searching for pics just reminded me of how important it is to capture the photographer’s moments too.

(The lettering says NAGYAPA, which in Hungarian means Grandfather)



(Sorry for the lousy photos; this project also fell victim to the “not enough and not good enough photo taking” going on this summer.)

To round up summer and start the new school year off good (and cos both my girls have name days in September) I baked 6 dozen cupcakes and made with the help of the girls as many not-so-little milk carton treat-holders to house the cupcakes (we needed so many because except schoolmates they treated the teachers and the dance-class too).


20150916_163518           20150916_163553


Now the “road” is open for Christmas crafting! More about that in a short while! It’s exciting!

Thanks for visiting me, hope you enjoyed your time here,

See you soon!



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