Pinspired cards

Christmas crafting for me is always… for lack of better word, personal. Everything I make, I make it with somebody in mind. It’s not the case this time around.

I was browsing Pinterest for new ideas and tho card making is not my forte I was mesmerized by designs, colours and versatility. I’ve found greeting cards from oh-so-simple-yet-beautiful, to magnificently layered and complicated, and everything in between.

My time on these boards (christmas cards) inspired me to try and recreate some of these cards myself. If nothing else my friends and family will receive handmade cards for this Christmas.

I think I started out trying to incorporate too much into my card design like embossing folders, inks, modeling pastes and stencils, die-cuts, ribbons etc.


Then I made a complete 180 and made absolute simplistic cards with only one or two “techniques”.



When I liked my latest simple cards enough I tried stamping and die cutting, 


creating a “scene-card”.


And then I tried my hand at layering. It wasn’t as easy as it may seem and I need more practice in “seeing” how the layers come together but I’m pleased with the outcome.



There was distressing, die-cutting, layering, inking, spraying, stamping…

Even if not perfect, these two cards are close to what I imagined and I’m glad I’ll be sending out handmade cards this Christmas, again.

Pinterest is full of fantastic pics, links to follow, to even step by step instructions in card making, and all the pretty is so motivating.

Thanks for visiting, I appreciate it very much.



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