Christmas bazaar

December is just around the corner which brings the culmination of the holiday season into focus. Store windows are decked with Christmas decorations, pastry shops fill the air with scents of seasonal sweets, the weather seems to catch up to its norm (in Athens/Greece the weather was uncharacteristically mild for November), radio stations have Christmas songs on a loop and  full-force preparations are being made in every home.

We kicked off the season a bit early with a gathering at a friend’s house. It wasn’t per se Christmas-y but meeting up with friends is reason enough to celebrate with all of our busy schedules!

I was “surfing” Pinterest and was inspired to make a cone-shaped flower tower which I baptized then a flowery Christmas tree. Until the end, I was unsure but the end result was impressive – if I may say so myself.


This “tree” is 12 inches tall and took over 100 rolled flowers to cover the surface of the styrofoam cone. The cone itself was painted with Viva Decor’s Greenyellow Inka-Gold metal gloss paint and after all flowers were hot glued to the shape I sprayed them with Perfect Pearls Mist in bronze. The picture doesn’t do it justice cos the effect of the spray gets lost in the too bright sunshine, but it was very well received by our friends which made me extremely happy!

The whole month of November I had my focus on the preparations for an annual event, organized by my older daughter’s school which takes place this year on the 5th of December. It’s called Othisi Christmas Market and is held on school grounds, at

Γυμνάσιο – Λύκειο ΩΘΗΣΗ
Μαρμαρά 7-9, Σταμάτα
othisi christmas market

The proceeds from the event will be donated to the organization ELPIDA,  an association for children with cancer. The main objective of the event is to promote the spirit of Christmas, through the awareness of the school community in volunteer subjects, charity and solidarity.

I’m participating in the Christmas Factory part with my handmade papercrafts and would like to invite you all to this event to visit the stands with gifts and ornaments, taste the savory and sweet flavors and enjoy the sounds of Christmas choirs.

Just a few of my creations will be there for your viewing pleasure and of course if you wish to support the cause they will be available for purchase.


This gingerbread house is filled with yummy truffles but when those are gone you can put a battery-operated tea-light in it and it will illuminate the house from within.


Thank you for your company here and hope to see you either at the Christmas Market or in my next post!

Happy Holidays!


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