Party time

Both my girls have their birthdays in August (along with my husband, mom, cousin, nephew, father in law and there are name days and anniversaries too in August! It’s a celebration packed month!) but we’re usually away for vacation during that time.

“A” turns 12 this year which also means she is finished with elementary school. Tho many of her classmates will reunite in Gymnasium (the first three years of high school) not every of her friends will attend the same school. A also wanted a party by the sea but that was a wee bit impossible to organize so I offered to whip up a beach-themed party in our backyard before school let out so she could have her friends with her.

The invitations were color-coded for boys and girls in the shape of a flip-flop. (My girl was skeptical about the boys liking the flip-flops but they were received with exclamations of “cool!” and “awesome”!)


There was a banner with her name and the number 12 also on “flip-flops” on a “sea”of blues (somehow I just had to hide the cupboard with the electrical stuff lol); on the buffet table a pool of refreshments sitting nicely on ice, keeping them cool in the early summer heat. I served popcorn and chips in buckets, cut-out sandwiches, mac&cheese, hot-dog and mini hamburgers on individual trays.


There was also a pineapple with chocolate-drizzled fruit kebabs skewered into it – that was my fave.


The cake was a mix of chocolate cake and banoffi pie. Yeah… it was amazing. 

The base was a chocolate cake. On it, I made a ring of buttercream so the dulce de leche filling didn’t squeeze out. I put banana slices on top and  covered with the  other thin layer of chocolate cake so I could dirty ice the whole thing with a little swiss buttercream. I colored blue the remaining swiss buttercream and made it into the sea, decorated with Guylian chocolate. For the beach/sand, I crumbled some Digestive cookies, the fence was chocolate cigarillos and the scene was completed with my girl’s old Polly Pocket figurines.

1-Ari party1

Boys and girls had a blast but my Little One is not little anymore. HAPPY BIRTHDAY!


Thanks for visiting. Hope you had a good time here too.



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