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I have a ton of pictures of projects and happenings to share cos, of course, my post-writing skills are rubbish.

Birthday and Christmas present galore these past two months.

  • 4*6 photo frames  (the other one was sent off before I remembered to take a picture)


  • handmade packaging for my daughter’s classmate’s birthday, best friend’s Xmas gifts, and our Godchildren’s presents also
  • and then there were a few handmade presents for the men in my life, namely desktop calendars. I tried to pair the paper with the person as best I could. Music, maps, math, clock … all very manly themes. I got the idea after watching this tutorial tho I worked with other dimensions and used another binding method.


  • for the women, I chose to get a jar-present together: cookies, hot cocoa mix, and breakfast muffins.


I decorated the jar, printed out the directions, matted them on fishtail banners and with a sturdy twine I tied it on the jar lid. (Please, disregard the post-it notes. This is the only pic I took of the jars before gifting them. Lame, I know.)

And then there was the Annual Christmas Bazaar of my daughter’s school. I decided to make just a few items but I was aiming them to be more of a statement piece than a mass production. 

  • Christmas Advent Calendars

I filled them half with Guylian chocolates and the other half with wishes, motivational quotes, and sayings as to remind the recipient of the real meaning of Christmas (which is not just getting presents!)


  • Santa’s boots


  • Christmas tree with coffee cup ornaments


  • and Rudolph with his red nose


Some of these items I made with my Silhouette Cameo. The files came from SVGCuts:

The period before Christmas is my favorite. All the anticipation, the preparations… it’s Christmas music playing everywhere, my whole house smells of cinnamon, cranberries, and citrus fruits, and it’s cold, oh-so-cold with a bright sun…just the best! We always decorate the tree in the first days of December and get together with our friends for a feast; sometimes we get invited to them, sometimes we’re hosting the event.


This year it was us hosting the event with Hungarian dishes tho I always have some Christmas staples to enjoy.


So, this was it for this post. Thank You for visiting and I hope and wish You’ll have a joyful Christmas with family and friends, holiday music, yummy Christmas dishes, hot beverages and so much fun and laughter in the coming new year!

See You soon!



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