About Me

My name is Tünde-Nefeli. I’m originally from Hungary but I live in Athens, Greece with my husband and two daughters.

I’m a Linguist by profession (college degree in German Philosophy and Literature) but never worked in my field beyond translating/interpreting occasionally.

I find paper-crafting fascinating thus it’s more than a hobby for me; it’s more like a way to bring to life my imagination by finding hidden possibilities in papers, stamps/inks, embellishments, techniques!

Paper crafting serves two things at once; I can withdraw into a little bubble of my own world and enjoy the process, and the result will please somebody else too. 

I love to give personalized gifts. I believe the recipient feels more special if he/she knows I put my heart and soul into making a gift for them. The gift becomes symbolical as it carries my love and care for them.