Being back feels great!

Hm… Long time no post.

I never really stopped crafting but …*insert a million excuses*…  Let’s not go there. I thought the Holiday season approaching is the best “excuse” to pick up where I left things more than a year ago.

Many projects in the making for Christmas, as in all kinds of treat-boxes, hanging and free-standing ornaments, centerpieces and home-decor to brighten up the gloomy days. Also all through Spring/Summer/Fall I was making gifts for birthdays and other occasions, like the graduation cap box I made for my darling “Little Sister’s” graduation from the University


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Thank You For The Music

In my family music always played an important role. I went to a music-oriented school from the very beggining till graduation; played the piano and was singing in the school’s choir. I got to see half of Europe with that choir and loved every second of singing with others together whether it was in a church, by a camp-fire or a concert-hall!

My older daughter falling in my footsteps also plays the piano and is singing in the Children’s Choir of Kodaly Conservatory in Athens, Greece …and she turns 13 in August. And that is important because…

When SVGCuts came out with the Thank You For The Music kit I died and went to Heaven…the crafty Heaven that is! I had cut and assembled the grand-piano as part of my girl’s birthday present (larger by approx. 25% than the original, cos I just can’t leave the files alone lol) in an hour and was itching to post it immediately but I didn’t want my daughter to see it before it was her bday. So I had to wait until now. 

I went with white, red, gold and vellum and of course the obligatory black.


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No, I’m not going to nor coming back from Paris but I loved the Eiffel-tower box file from SVGCuts Amelie’s accessories so much I wanted to make it for someone.  I hope my cousin, Stella (who will get the box filled with goodies for her birthday), will get to go someday and see the real Eiffel tower for herself!


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Birdhouse a’la Snapdragon Snippets

I have a really long list of gifts to craft and my time alone and undisturbed is coming to an end soon (tho that doesn’t mean I’ll stop crafting of course!)  I still need to make a god head-start on some Christmas projects too. 🙂

One of the gifts I wanted to make is this birdhouse for my Grandma. I purchased the file in the Silhouette on-line store and made it bigger. It is a fairly simple assembly but I didn’t want it to be so “plain” so I searched my SVGCuts file-library and found the bird that was an embellishment on the matchbox book. Made it double-sided so it can “sit” on branches that were also SVGCuts files.



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We’re going camping…and bringing gifts with us!

There’s a magical place in Evia Island, Greece, where little kids, teenagers, “big kids” and even grown ups can have intense fun or a relaxing time! This place is called Club Agia Anna Summer Resort . It is our choice of camping place for more than 10 years now.

Every year in August we spend at least two weeks there, if time allows even more. Besides our love for the location and facilities and personal  we love LOVE the animation team, in particular Giorgo and Gianni. They’re the kings of entertainment, games and fun! So, I thought I/we should give something back, something that expresses their personality which is outdoorsy and fun! SVGCuts helped me out here too with the Camp Smore Kit 

I made a teepee, (those red-white-green colors aren’t totally random either! They’re the colors of the Hungarian flag.)


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Half of a pair of running shoes for a Half Marathon

A couple of months back (April, 2013) my brother decided to run the Half Marathon in Budapest, Hungary which took place on the Margaret Island . He is not a professional athlete tho he’s “in” in so many activities I can’t keep track of them. He was training for approx (?) a year and for just the experience and testing himself he did it!

2 hours 17 minutes and 40 seconds it took for him from start to finish! I’m very proud of him -I can’t run to save my life-  so I decided for his nameday present I’d make him a running shoe. Just one for the half of the marathon…when he decides to run the other half of it too I’ll make him the other half of the pair! [ I’m cheeky 😀 ]

So, here it is… a simple black-two shades of gray-blue and white “Nike” running shoe all laced up and ready for the running track! 


I manipulated the SVGCuts Summer Holidays Boat-shoe cut-file (not enough tho for a real running shoe appearance eg. I forgot to take out the circles from the trim on the heel) and just added the Nike emblem in black. I spelled in Hungarian half marathon and put the letters on the backside making this running shoe a memorabilia of that achievement.

Go Bro! 😀

Thank you for your company! See you in the next project!


A Grandfather Clock for a grandfather

I am super excited to bring you this creation because I think from all my creations I’m the most proud of this one! Tho I always say this for the craft I’m currently doing!  😉  But I’m most proud of this one cos it’s the first I posted on SVGCut’s fb page and there were likes and comments!!!  I mean I was just hoping that the creator of the clock, Thienly Nazim wouldn’t hate it but even Leo (or Mary) responded!

Mary and Leo are the minds and hands behind those brilliant cutting files that we can work with and amaze our friends (and sometimes ourselves too)! Then inspiration strikes and the DT members come up with combinations of files and the result is …beyond words.

This was the case with the Grandfather Clock too (as was with  Ali in Wonderland  teacup-tower).


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