Christmas bazaar

December is just around the corner which brings the culmination of the holiday season into focus. Store windows are decked with Christmas decorations, pastry shops fill the air with scents of seasonal sweets, the weather seems to catch up to its norm (in Athens/Greece the weather was uncharacteristically mild for November), radio stations have Christmas songs on a loop and  full-force preparations are being made in every home.

We kicked off the season a bit early with a gathering at a friend’s house. It wasn’t per se Christmas-y but meeting up with friends is reason enough to celebrate with all of our busy schedules!

I was “surfing” Pinterest and was inspired to make a cone-shaped flower tower which I baptized then a flowery Christmas tree. Until the end, I was unsure but the end result was impressive – if I may say so myself.


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Another contest entry

SVGCuts is a generous company. We, who use Mary and Leo’s cutting files know that but they come to strengthen our love for them even more with “contest” where EVERYBODY wins!

Contest details can be found  here … you still have some time! 

This is my entry: 


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This blog was created for the showcasing of my passion for paper-crafting.

You’ll see my work as I transform paper into greeting cards, home decor, even useful, everyday projects. This is a work in progress which means there’s not much of a content and/or organization to it…yet!

I hope to post pictures and descriptions for, if nothing else, documenting my work, the progress of hopefully becoming better at what I do.

Thank You for taking the time to visit me!