A Grandfather Clock for a grandfather

I am super excited to bring you this creation because I think from all my creations I’m the most proud of this one! Tho I always say this for the craft I’m currently doing! ¬†ūüėČ ¬†But I’m most proud of this one cos it’s the first I posted on SVGCut’s fb page and there were likes and comments!!! ¬†I mean I was just hoping that the creator of the clock, Thienly Nazim wouldn’t hate it but even Leo (or Mary) responded!

Mary and Leo are the minds and hands behind those brilliant cutting files that we can work with and amaze our friends (and sometimes ourselves too)! Then inspiration strikes and the DT members come up with combinations of files and the result is …beyond words.

This was the case with the Grandfather Clock too (as was with  Ali in Wonderland  teacup-tower).


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Gifts of gratitude

When you’re feeling down you can escape RL in many ways. For some any physical activity will release that pent-up stress that clouds the mind. For others anything art-related can bring solace like music either you’re “just” listening to it or actually writing or playing.¬†In the same way reading or writing a book is a great way to let yourself carried away into another world.¬†

Music always played a really important role in my life which means I’ll always turn to music to feel better but reading was the ultimate switch. When I discovered “amateur” (read: non-professional, unpublished) authors through fanfiction my whole world opened up to not only awesome stories (learning more/better English was/is a delight!) but also to women of great value!

These women from all over the world, I’m proud to say are my friends today and now that I can express my gratitude in a “tangible” way I’m working on personalized gifts that will make them, I hope, see how much they mean to me.

One of the authors on my Top10 favorite list is Tina (writes under the penname: JP Summers). She mentioned that she was in the process of ¬†repainting/decorating her home-office so I “seized” the opportunity and interrogated her about the colors she likes and I got to work.

My first idea was to spell her name in big 3D letters for her to put on a shelf. 


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