Christmas bazaar

December is just around the corner which brings the culmination of the holiday season into focus. Store windows are decked with Christmas decorations, pastry shops fill the air with scents of seasonal sweets, the weather seems to catch up to its norm (in Athens/Greece the weather was uncharacteristically mild for November), radio stations have Christmas … More Christmas bazaar

Ali in Wonderland

Ali, as in AliMarie, a twitter-buddy turned friend (I have Tina to thank for that!)  who through reading and writing, endless conversations and support became another of my very very dear to me friends. Ali is from England –unfortunately never been there but it’s in my plans so brace yourself Ali, I will come! lol– and the … More Ali in Wonderland


It doesn’t look like it with the first glance, maybe not even with the second but when a classy lady needs a somewhat classy pen-holder a vase-like form comes to my mind. And when this classy lady is my friend (through love of the same book/movie characters and twitter), as always for my friends, I … More Pen-holder?

Armoire and Purse

This armoir and purse was made for my 15 year old goddaughter’s birthday back in March. It measures approx. 5×8 inches and the two drawers measure 3.8×4.1.  The way it is structured it’s a sturdy construction and each drawer can hold articles up to 3-400 grams safely.  Unfortunately I don’t remember what paper I used but I’m quite … More Armoire and Purse