Christmas bazaar

December is just around the corner which brings the culmination of the holiday season into focus. Store windows are decked with Christmas decorations, pastry shops fill the air with scents of seasonal sweets, the weather seems to catch up to its norm (in Athens/Greece the weather was uncharacteristically mild for November), radio stations have Christmas songs on a loop and  full-force preparations are being made in every home.

We kicked off the season a bit early with a gathering at a friend’s house. It wasn’t per se Christmas-y but meeting up with friends is reason enough to celebrate with all of our busy schedules!

I was “surfing” Pinterest and was inspired to make a cone-shaped flower tower which I baptized then a flowery Christmas tree. Until the end, I was unsure but the end result was impressive – if I may say so myself.


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Ali in Wonderland

Ali, as in AliMarie, a twitter-buddy turned friend (I have Tina to thank for that!)  who through reading and writing, endless conversations and support became another of my very very dear to me friends.

Ali is from England –unfortunately never been there but it’s in my plans so brace yourself Ali, I will come! lol– and the first thing that comes to mind when I think of England is tea! So naturally I was thinking of making Ali a teapot/teacup from the Tea for you and me (SVGCuts) files but I’ve done them for my mother for mother’s day and wanted to make something different, more complex, more of a wow factor (not that my mother’s day gift wasn’t wow enough! 😀 I’ll post it soon.).

I was searching for ideas when I came upon Thienly Azim’s Teapot/teacup tower. It’s impressive, a real wow-factor decorative element which uses several SVGCuts files and even those needed redesigning! It was a challenge but I’m absolutely sure I’ll make at least one more for myself cos I just loved it so much! Also, it would make an adorable and very appropriate centerpiece for a tea-party themed affair!


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It doesn’t look like it with the first glance, maybe not even with the second but when a classy lady needs a somewhat classy pen-holder a vase-like form comes to my mind. And when this classy lady is my friend (through love of the same book/movie characters and twitter), as always for my friends, I wanna do the best I possibly can! 


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Armoire and Purse

This armoir and purse was made for my 15 year old goddaughter’s birthday back in March.

It measures approx. 5×8 inches and the two drawers measure 3.8×4.1.  The way it is structured it’s a sturdy construction and each drawer can hold articles up to 3-400 grams safely. 

Unfortunately I don’t remember what paper I used but I’m quite sure it was from  a Bo Bunny collection. (I do have an inclination for using Bo Bunny papers! I buy them, spread them on the table, caress them, sigh over how beautiful and coordinating in color they are for a couple of days and then I cut them up and hold my breath until the project is all completed! Yep, I’m weird!).


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Three Tier Birthday Cake Box

One of my first projects as a birthday gift for a very special woman in my life was a three tier birthday cake box that is essentially a tower of three circular boxes with their lids glued to the above box’ bottom. All three boxes open and they measure from about 4 inches for the smallest, upper box to around 8 inches for the bottom  box. The flower is assembled from a rolled up middle and petals shaped into 3D form and the leaves pinched to gain some dimension.

The paper I used was from Bo Bunny, an assortment from various collections. I used SVGCuts cutting files for the flower embellishments, plastic half pearls, Perfect Pearls Mists in heirloom gold and Tea Dye Distress Ink from Ranger.

Hope you’ll enjoy!