Teacher appreciation gift

The time has come and tomorrow (Jun.14) is the last day of school here in Greece. 

My little girl has English lessons after school and she came home with an “Excellent” on her last big test (proud mama moment here ūüėÄ ).


So at the end of the year – tho here in Greece it isn’t really a common thing – I made some little gifts for her to give to her English teachers. The idea came from Pinterest and was easy to whip up, baking and all and it came out nice (for a first attempt!).


She calls herself ¬†“a smart cookie” now!¬†

The cookies yummy, the card sweet and to the point; I hope girlie’s teachers will like it!

Thanks for coming by.



Beckie’s gift

When a common/mutual cause (fandom, goal, love for something) brings new people into your life you  nurture the new-found relationship and you find yourself after a while calling those people FRIENDS. 

The last three years I’ve “met” ¬†brilliant people -authors,¬†mainly through reading their stories and fellow readers- and connected with them through twitter and other social media etc. I’ve come to cherish and love them despite the possibility of never having the chance to meet them in person!

But nowadays you don’t need to be in the same room to build a good friendship and to celebrate them is as easy as it’d be if they were close(er).

One of my fellow readers and twitter-buddy-turned-friend is Beckie. She’s a teacher and had her birthday back in April. It was really easy to come up with what I wanted to make her I just lacked time so her bday gift arrived a month later (and she’s across the Atlantic so shipping took some time too!).

So, tho it’s almost the end of the school year now the teacher-sign I made her isn’t just for this year!¬†


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