Ali in Wonderland

Ali, as in AliMarie, a twitter-buddy turned friend (I have Tina to thank for that!)  who through reading and writing, endless conversations and support became another of my very very dear to me friends.

Ali is from England –unfortunately never been there but it’s in my plans so brace yourself Ali, I will come! lol– and the first thing that comes to mind when I think of England is tea! So naturally I was thinking of making Ali a teapot/teacup from the Tea for you and me (SVGCuts) files but I’ve done them for my mother for mother’s day and wanted to make something different, more complex, more of a wow factor (not that my mother’s day gift wasn’t wow enough! 😀 I’ll post it soon.).

I was searching for ideas when I came upon Thienly Azim’s Teapot/teacup tower. It’s impressive, a real wow-factor decorative element which uses several SVGCuts files and even those needed redesigning! It was a challenge but I’m absolutely sure I’ll make at least one more for myself cos I just loved it so much! Also, it would make an adorable and very appropriate centerpiece for a tea-party themed affair!


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