We’re going camping…and bringing gifts with us!

There’s a magical place in Evia Island, Greece, where little kids, teenagers, “big kids” and even grown ups can have intense fun or a relaxing time! This place is called Club Agia Anna Summer Resort . It is our choice of camping place for more than 10 years now.

Every year in August we spend at least two weeks there, if time allows even more. Besides our love for the location and facilities and personal  we love LOVE the animation team, in particular Giorgo and Gianni. They’re the kings of entertainment, games and fun! So, I thought I/we should give something back, something that expresses their personality which is outdoorsy and fun! SVGCuts helped me out here too with the Camp Smore Kit 

I made a teepee, (those red-white-green colors aren’t totally random either! They’re the colors of the Hungarian flag.)


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